Monday, May 4, 2009

The Date (part 1)

I know I've been a little slow getting an update here on her date, and I don't have much time tonight but wanted to at least get the story started.

She went out on her first date this was a totally nervewracking, but totally exciting experience for both of us. The day of the date was just kind of weird, we both knew what was coming at the end of the day but didn't talk much about it, nerves and butterflies in stomachs kind of thing. Once the sun went down and it was time for her to start getting ready, I definitely started to feel weird...not bad at all, just weird. Seeing her go into the bedroom to get ready, while I was trying to be nonchalant and read a magazine was brutal, lol. I could hear her opening closet doors, going in and out of the bathroom to get her makeup on, the normal stuff we do when we go out, only difference was that I wasn't going anywhere I and knew she was going out with a guy she had been having some pretty hot conversations with over the past few weeks. There was a part of me that worried about her safety (after all, the guy is a total stranger), and how her night might go (really wanted to make sure that she was (a) safe and (b) had a good time).

She came into the living room and looked great, and yes I did get turned on instantly to see my wife dressed up for another man. It was an intense feeling seeing her in boots and jewelry that I had bought for her. I couldn't help but wonder what she was wearing under her tight dress slacks, as I smelled her perfume...the stuff she wears for me. After some coordination talk (like when I should expect her to call, when she would be home, who should call who, etc), she walked out the door....

(to be continued!)

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