Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Ok, so it's been awhile :)

Wow, it's really been a year since I updated, seems crazy but the dates on the posts don't lie.  There have been adventures since then for sure, but given that it's been awhile I'm admittedly at a loss on where to pick up so rather than try and recount the last year (at least for now) I'll share an update that is more recent.  Oh, and for the record I'm typing this while she is out on a date right now :)

About a month or so ago, she had made some dinner reservations for us to try a new restaurant out.  It was planned for a Saturday night around 8pm.  The day of the dinner date we had planned, she hinted that she had an errand to run later in the day.  I didn't really think much of it figuring it was something mundane so went about the days activities looking forward to a nice dinner out with my wife.

As the afternoon wore on, she said that we should leave we cleaned up and headed out around 5:30pm even though the restaurant was probably only a 20min drive from our house.  On the way, she started to talk more about her "errand" which apparently involved her checking in on a "friends" house.  To make a long story short, she had arranged to go and visit one of her male friends before dinner, and she was asking me to drive her there!  As we drove, I was getting excited as we talked about it, she told me to drop her off at his place and then make myself busy for 30min or so.

As we approached his house, I was getting harder and harder and then she told me she wanted to Facetime with me while she was there...we had done this once before for a short period of time, but this was going to be a voyeurs dream since we connected on Facetime before she even got out of the car.  I started to drive away as I saw the video of her knocking on his door and then going inside.

The next 15min were a blur of trying to watch Facetime on my phone while also trying to find a secluded place to watch.  Given that it was a residential neighborhood my options were limited and I got lost more than once while trying to navigate, hearing the increasingly breathy sound of my wife's moans coming from my phone.  I could glance over every now and then and catch a glimpse of her on the video, mostly kissing, then taking off clothes, then sucking his cock.  I eventually found a small office building that was had a parking lot so I pulled in there and parked in time to see her straddling him on the couch with her back to the camera (phone must have been on the coffee table).  I pulled my cock out and stroked while I watched them fuck and heard the moaning,  After straddling him, he moved her to her back and climbed between her legs fucking her in the missionary position while I kept stroking in the car a few blocks away.  I was intently watching the video when he then pulled his cock out of her and moved up to her head, her face was off camera but clearly she was sucking him now and then in an instant he pulled his cock out, stroked and came all over her chest.  She got back on her knees and sucked him some more before giving a quick wave goodbye and turning of the Facetime.

I gathered myself (took a few minutes!) then she texted me to come and get her...I was there a few minutes later, she got in the car flush and excited and we headed off to our dinner...her satisfied and me hungry (in more ways than one ;) )

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Naughty, Hot, Wife

Lots of things have been going on, and I haven't been very good about writing about them.  I'm not going to change much with this post other than share a hot caption pic (which I'm totally into these days) that I showed my wife and she wrote back:

That seems like one for your blog. I love that one too. Or actually, I love that you love it. Do I qualify?
To which I answer here publicly...yes, you absolutely do qualify :)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fantasy for my wife...

I've been sharing caption pics of hotwives from tumblr with my wife recently and after showing her this one in particular, she gave me some positive feedback and described how she would like to have the from time to time I'll share a fantasy here in addition to the real life stories...

For awhile now, I've had this fantasy of my wife becoming a porn star.  I get excited and turned on thinking about her not only going out and having sex with other men, but doing it on camera as a 'career'.  In the fantasy, she's still my wife by day, but has the occasional out of town trip to do a shoot for video or film.  On her trips, probably 2-3 days in someplace warm and sexy, she stays in an upscale hotel and gets pampered while preparing for the shoot.  I get the occasional text from her, as she's getting her hair or makeup done, as well as when she's on her way to the set.  She doesn't always tell me about the scene, sometimes its 1 guy, sometimes its multiple guys...sometimes there are other female porn stars involved too. 

In the fantasy, she has an alter ego, a sexy and hot cock crazed woman who dresses the part even when she's not at 'work'.  She's out at night, wearing dresses like this and never sleeps alone. 

I've been tempted at times to send her pictures in to sites to see how the talent agents would feel about her.  How much sex would she have even at the auditions?

Saturday, August 10, 2013

My wife in a hotel room...without me (the night)

After her previous encounter, they had some back and forth over email and texts (some of which she shared with me and were VERY hot).  It was obvious he was really into her and she felt the same.  One of the emails she shared with me was one where he had written what he wanted to do with her, which involved him, her and a hotel room :)  So shortly after that she was looking for hotels to meet him at and they set a date for a Saturday night.

That whole day I felt a bit strange, not bad, just strange.  Trying to go about the normal Saturday events like errands and the gym felt weird knowing what was going to happen that night.  I remember at one point being in the yard while she was in the shower and thinking to myself that she was getting ready for him that night, not for me.  It was probably my mind working overtime, but it felt a little like she was in there longer than usual too :)

As the sun went down and we finished up dinner she started to get ready.  I got her a glass of wine and left her to prepare for the date while I waited in another room.  The temptation was too strong and I did slip into the bedroom a couple of times to sneak a peek, the first time she was still doing makeup and hadn't dressed yet, the second time she was in her dress...and she looked stunning.  It was a tight blue dress, above the knee with a low cut top.  I felt like I had never seen it before, either that or had forgotten (somehow) how hot she looked in it.  She was just wrapping up getting ready and told me to get on my knees, as she lifted her dress up to expose her bare pussy...she wasn't wear panties under the dress.  She let me taste her while she had a sip of her wine and my hands grabbed at her ass, she tasted incredible and felt even better.  She reminded me that she had to get going soon so pushed her dress back down and went to get her keys and purse all together.  Before she left, she realized she had forgotten condoms and asked me to go get them.  I didn't think much of it at the time, but after she left I realized it was another one of those weird/interesting as the husband going to get my wife condoms for her date with another hot and twisted is that? :)

We discussed 'check in' points during the night, I didn't want to be texting or calling her but also wanted to make sure she was safe and sound so we set some rough guidelines for her to check in with me and she was on her way.  I was both nervous and aroused the whole time she was gone, I was at the computer occasionally trying to forget where she was going but ultimately always finding myself hard, horny and stroking.  About 30min after she left she texted me to let me know she had arrived and was safe and that they were 'off to a good start :)'. 

An hour later, I got a text with an update 'a lot of build up and release, talking now and having wine. building up to session 2 :)' (she also asked if I was doing ok).  I told her I was anxious :)

Another hour passed and I got this text 'we took a super hot video for you ;)' and a note that they were going to get a drink to cool off before she came home.  She said she'd be on the road at 1am, which slipped a bit to 1.15am (yes, I'm being especially nitpicky on the time...partially because I want to make sure she's safe and partially because I wonder how they spent that extra 15minutes).

When she got home, I saw her get out of the car and she had a big smile on her face, her hair was a little messy and she looked hot as hell...even hotter than when she had left. As soon as she got into the house we started making out, she dropped to her knees and sucked me before we traded places and I went down on her.  I could taste a hint of latex on her, from the condom that he fucked her with.

She asked if I wanted to see the video, so we put it on the computer and god it was fucking hot.  I was pretty exhausted emotionally and physically but it was just mind blowing to watch her with him...sucking fucking licking and kissing all over each other.  I came hard when, at one point in the video, she dropped to her knees right in front of the camera and took his cock in her mouth.  He was grabbing her hair and fucking her mouth right in front of the camera.  Incredible.

We managed to crawl into bed a little while later, and as we started to fall asleep I told her that this (holding her in bed) was the thing I was looking forward to most of all the whole time she was gone.

It was a pretty intense night :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

My wife in a hotel room...without me (the prelude)

A lot has happened since the last post...I'll do a catch up post before we get to the good stuff :)

She ended up finding a different guy that she liked, quite a bit, so she setup a date with him for drinks a few weeks ago.  I dropped her off, then went a few blocks away to have a drink by myself while I waited for the text to come in that it was time to come and get her (which doesn't seem to make me any less anxious the more I do it, haha). I knew her date had a 9pm cutoff (had other plans and since this was just a meet in greet she was ok with the early night).  She texted me around 9pm and said I could come and get her, I jokingly texted back to take some pics if anything happened while I was on my way. Between having a hard time finding the car and then having an even harder time finding my way to the bar they were at (I swear I only had 2 beers in 2 hours but just got lost), I got there and they came out all smiles. 

I have to admit that while driving over to the bar, I had mixed emotions.  On the one hand, I feel super responsible for her safety and want to make sure that I'll be there for her when she needs me in situations like this.  With all that driving around, part of me felt like I was letting her down.  On the other hand, there was a certain excitement in my mind wondering how she and her date were passing the time while waiting ;)  Of course for all I knew, he had left to make his appointment and she was just waiting for me by herself.

After a quick intro and hello (I guess he wanted to meet me), he was on his way and my wife got into the car with a big smile.  She clearly had had a good time with him :)  We went and got something to eat before heading home, she asked if I wanted details and while I did...I wanted to wait until we got home.  She did tell me that she had some pictures on her cell phone but agreed to keep them until we got home.

After eating and getting home, she told me to get on the bed and used some soft handcuffs to tie me to the head board as she told me about her date.  The anticipation and not being able to touch myself was very hot, as she took off her clothes and told me about their chit chat, how it turned into touching at the bar (him touching her leg), and then eventually the two of them sneaking to the back hallway that led to the restrooms all while she was touching and rubbing and teasing me slowly.  She then took out her cell phone and showed me the first picture..  It was one of her hip with her dress up over it and him behind her.  I didn't notice it at first, but later noticed that you could see the tip of his cock ... he had his cock out in the back of the bar and rubbed it between her ass cheeks.  The teasing didn't end there.  She told me about how she reached back and stroked him, how he felt in her hand ... how his hands felt on her body in the bar.  Then she showed me the next three pictures...each taken of her with his cock in her hand, then in her mouth.  There were three pictures, that she showed me....each hotter than the next.  She was nice enough to let me loose after that so we could fuck...hard :)

That was a few weeks ago, she continued to text/email back and forth with this guy until she eventually landed a date to meet him at a hotel...I'll write about that very soon :)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

This weekend

She may have a date this weekend.

Without me.

With a guy she's texted, emailed, had phone sex with and met for drinks (that turned into a rendezvous in the men's room).

I've had a rollercoaster over the last week or so, thinking about it, re-thinking about it, thinking about it more.  Its a bit consuming because this guy is different, he's confident, well off, and based on her interactions with him so far...she likes him.  He's making me more competitive for her, and also making me jealous at times.  When I picked her up after she met him the first time for drinks, she had a wicked laugh that just gave me the shivers at first, there was something there, an excitement and electricity in her that was so fun to see.

The last few weeks have had some intense moments (like the day she texted me a bunch while at work, telling me she was texting with him about stripper shoes, then going home to take pictures for him, then getting him off over the phone).  Even on a recent weekend getaway, we had sex and she used his name a few times.  Sex has been pretty powerful, and my mind has been racing at over 100mph for most of the time each day, at work or at home.  When I'm at work I think about what she's up she just home relaxing, out shopping, or using her 'special phone' to text and chat with this guy.  At home, I can't help but wonder whats gone on in the house all day.  I know most (emphasis on most :) ) of it is me fantasizing, but given that there's an element of reality to it, its quite intoxicating (literally, like I feel drunk sometimes, haha).

What's on tap for this weekend then?  Well, as of right now (and things are always subject to change), the plan is that she's going to meet him for a drink, then go to his place afterwards (after she and I have a meal together first and I send her on her way).  I bought her a new bra and panty set (which I got first dibs on seeing tonight, and I have to say...she looks STUNNING in it), that she'll likely wear tomorrow night, its fun to see her thinking about what to wear for him.  Even tonight she was asking about what to wear for her dress, then she said 'not that it will stay on long'...its those little comments here and there that get me going and kick my brain into overdrive again :)

The one email that she shared with me about the setup for the date ended with (from him) "Bring your camera....."....

Thursday, June 6, 2013

She Has A Date Tonight

She's recently found a new guy online and has her first date with him tonight. Over the past couple of weeks, there has been a bunch of emailing and texting back and forth and I have to say, this time feels different from the others. As far as I can tell, and as she and I have talked about, she's alot more interested in this one than previous dates she's had over the years. And because of that, I feel different too (mostly in a good way :) ).

We've used words like 'intense' and 'heightened' to describe how the last couple of weeks have felt for both of us.

Looking forward to seeing how tonight goes :)