Saturday, August 10, 2013

My wife in a hotel room...without me (the night)

After her previous encounter, they had some back and forth over email and texts (some of which she shared with me and were VERY hot).  It was obvious he was really into her and she felt the same.  One of the emails she shared with me was one where he had written what he wanted to do with her, which involved him, her and a hotel room :)  So shortly after that she was looking for hotels to meet him at and they set a date for a Saturday night.

That whole day I felt a bit strange, not bad, just strange.  Trying to go about the normal Saturday events like errands and the gym felt weird knowing what was going to happen that night.  I remember at one point being in the yard while she was in the shower and thinking to myself that she was getting ready for him that night, not for me.  It was probably my mind working overtime, but it felt a little like she was in there longer than usual too :)

As the sun went down and we finished up dinner she started to get ready.  I got her a glass of wine and left her to prepare for the date while I waited in another room.  The temptation was too strong and I did slip into the bedroom a couple of times to sneak a peek, the first time she was still doing makeup and hadn't dressed yet, the second time she was in her dress...and she looked stunning.  It was a tight blue dress, above the knee with a low cut top.  I felt like I had never seen it before, either that or had forgotten (somehow) how hot she looked in it.  She was just wrapping up getting ready and told me to get on my knees, as she lifted her dress up to expose her bare pussy...she wasn't wear panties under the dress.  She let me taste her while she had a sip of her wine and my hands grabbed at her ass, she tasted incredible and felt even better.  She reminded me that she had to get going soon so pushed her dress back down and went to get her keys and purse all together.  Before she left, she realized she had forgotten condoms and asked me to go get them.  I didn't think much of it at the time, but after she left I realized it was another one of those weird/interesting as the husband going to get my wife condoms for her date with another hot and twisted is that? :)

We discussed 'check in' points during the night, I didn't want to be texting or calling her but also wanted to make sure she was safe and sound so we set some rough guidelines for her to check in with me and she was on her way.  I was both nervous and aroused the whole time she was gone, I was at the computer occasionally trying to forget where she was going but ultimately always finding myself hard, horny and stroking.  About 30min after she left she texted me to let me know she had arrived and was safe and that they were 'off to a good start :)'. 

An hour later, I got a text with an update 'a lot of build up and release, talking now and having wine. building up to session 2 :)' (she also asked if I was doing ok).  I told her I was anxious :)

Another hour passed and I got this text 'we took a super hot video for you ;)' and a note that they were going to get a drink to cool off before she came home.  She said she'd be on the road at 1am, which slipped a bit to 1.15am (yes, I'm being especially nitpicky on the time...partially because I want to make sure she's safe and partially because I wonder how they spent that extra 15minutes).

When she got home, I saw her get out of the car and she had a big smile on her face, her hair was a little messy and she looked hot as hell...even hotter than when she had left. As soon as she got into the house we started making out, she dropped to her knees and sucked me before we traded places and I went down on her.  I could taste a hint of latex on her, from the condom that he fucked her with.

She asked if I wanted to see the video, so we put it on the computer and god it was fucking hot.  I was pretty exhausted emotionally and physically but it was just mind blowing to watch her with him...sucking fucking licking and kissing all over each other.  I came hard when, at one point in the video, she dropped to her knees right in front of the camera and took his cock in her mouth.  He was grabbing her hair and fucking her mouth right in front of the camera.  Incredible.

We managed to crawl into bed a little while later, and as we started to fall asleep I told her that this (holding her in bed) was the thing I was looking forward to most of all the whole time she was gone.

It was a pretty intense night :)


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